rsz_img_2630Puro Amazonas is an eco-tour operator based in Leticia, Amazonas – Colombia. We promote responsible and purposeful tourism offering visitors unique experiences of the local cultural, natural and social richness.

Our services include :

  • Tours guided by indigenous guides who will share their ancestral knowledge and experience of this territory with our visitors.
  • Expeditions crafted according to your needs, time, interests and budget.
  • Visits to Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve.
  • Workshops involving cultural, social and environmental activities.
  • Special Services: Residencies for low-impact research, multi-media projects and expert guiding for particular interests or needs.

Puro Amazonas is committed to work in a responsible way with local actors, valuing and respecting their culture and environment. We firmly believe that tourism should be a positive force that offers sustainable economic alternatives for local communities and help achieve a brighter future for the present and coming generations of Amazonian people.

Discover the Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve! 

Construction of the bici-catamaran Pura Vida II!