P1110129Discover the Great Amazon River, the Yavari and Amacayacu by boat, paddle in the Yahuarcaca Lakes or trek to the Calderon River

Enjoy activities around Leticia

In Style, into the wild or in between

Package and tours “a la carte”

  • Discover the Rio Yavari (2-5 days): private boat trip down the Amazon River and upstream the Yavarí River, lodging in Zacambú and Palmari natural reserves, visit indigenous villages, enjoy the wildlife, go fishing, paddling and walking in the forest. Accommodation available: lodge, basic bed or hammock in hostel/locals or hammocks in wild camping.
  • Explore the Amazon Region (2-5 days): private boat or public transport with guide upstream the Colombian Amazon and Amacayacu River and National Park. Visit a monkey rehabilitation center, Indigenous Tikuna communities, Puerto Nariño, enjoy the local culture, go fishing and walking in the forest. Accommodation available: lodge, hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, hammocks in wild camping.
  • Full experience Yavari/Amazon (3-7 days): mixed activities of Yavari and Amazon programs above.
  • Trek to the Calderon River (4-6 days): walk away from Leticia to the remote Rio Calderon. Learn about the biodiversity of the forest, the use of medicinal plants and enjoy a very close experience of the jungle life, mostly fishing and eating what the jungle has to offer. 2 days with small motorboat as far as the Rio Calderon allows us. Accommodation in hammocks, in a jungle house or wild camping.
  • Activities around Leticia: Visit the Yahuarcaca lakes, go kayaking, day and night walk Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve or Indigenous communities. Accommodation available in Hábitat Sur Natural Reserve (treehouse, bungalow or hammocks), or in Leticia (hostal or hotel).

All our tours are “à la Carte”, you choose the kind of accommodation and the activities you are interested in.

Please contact us for program and prices.

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